Our mission at PISA is to not only develop great players, but to develop great individuals as well. Through a common goal, discipline of the game, and respect for your peers, the values learned on the field are invaluable to life experiences off the field
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Welcome to PISA Birthdays! Your one step closer to giving your child a birthday party to remember. PISA birthdays are full of non-stop fun and energetic games sure to leave a smile on your childs face. Birthday parties only come once a year so why not make it special and allow PISA to take care of organizing games and events specific to what your child wants.

We customize each party to whatever games and activities your child wants.
- Fun and games
- Multi sport
- Field day activites

Party time:
90 minutes = 60 minutes of fun and games. Remaining 30 minutes PISA staff will help attend to during food, cake and clean-up.

For more information

Call: 203-253-0635