Our mission at PISA is to not only develop great players, but to develop great individuals as well. Through a common goal, discipline of the game, and respect for your peers, the values learned on the field are invaluable to life experiences off the field
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PISA was founded with the primary focus on developing young soccer players. Our elite soccer professionals are ingrained with the values of HARD WORK and DEDICATION. Our aim is to infuse our professional experience and knowledge into the local youth soccer system to motivate and grow the next generation of soccer elites. PISA will be there every step of the way to show the next generation that improvement is possible through BELIEF and HARD WORK.

Soccer means different things to different people. For some it's the social aspect, the exercise of mind and body, or capturing that amazing feeling of winning and being part of a team. However, what soccer does best is it brings the world together. Which is the environment we will have on the field at all times. We feel in order to get better at the beautiful game of soccer, you need to enjoy it.

Join the PISA family today and feel the difference!