Our mission at PISA is to not only develop great players, but to develop great individuals as well. Through a common goal, discipline of the game, and respect for your peers, the values learned on the field are invaluable to life experiences off the field
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PISA was founded for the specific purpose of helping players realize that through HARD WORK and DEDICATION, reaching your goals are closer than imagined. We want to encourage players to BELIEVE in their goals and dreams, to WORK towards their goals and dreams, and through belief and hard work to ACHIEVE  their goals and dreams. However, realization of these goals must be accomplished within the proper framework by instilling character, self-esteem, confidence, and sportsmanship within the young atheletes of today to become better men of women of the future, on and off the field.

PISA coaching staff will be dedicated to helping players develop individual skills, team tactics and a positive mentality which will help prepare them for their future careers. Transition from high school soccer to the collegiate game is a big step, and a primary focus for us is assisting players to get to the next level, including obtaining athletic scholarships. From college, come the pros. Playing professionally is one of the greatest and most fulfilling achievements a player can experience in their life.  Through our extensive contact list we hope to give those talented players the chance to break into the professional game.